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One of my Thai friends has made considerable gains by following the advice of Ralf K Dean, a professional Forex trader with over 15 years experience in FX and Crypto investment.

 I have known Ralf for many years and now Ralf has agreed to team up with me in order to offer  investment opportunities and helpful advice on opening a cryptocurrency wallet, choosing a broker, buying cryptocurrency and how to invest safely in the cryptocurrency and Forex market.


Something you should understand and know about me.

Being Thai, I am a Buddhist and Buddhism plays an important part of my life and in what I believe in. Every opinion on this website is honest. I am not here to rob, cheat or scam you. This would go against everything that I believe in.

The Buddhist way does not allow for the taking advantage of people. Sincerity and honesty are are watch words.  Anyone who knows anything about me would recognise this.  

We believe in the businesses that we are promoting and we ourselves are invested in all our recommendations.

However, it has to be recognized that there are some highly sophisticated scam companies determined to steal from you out in the world wide web and whilst, if you follow our advice you should  be protected from significant loss we can offer no guarantee that any of these companies will still be trading in 12 months time.

We can confidently predict that we are fully expect that Algowave will be around for some time and Cash FX are poised to become one of the most significant companies on the internet as far as marketing and cryptocurrency investment are concerned and we highly recommend that you at least watch the 20 minute webinar that you can watch here.

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Cryptocurrency and Foreign Exchange Trading recommendations

Always be very careful when thinking of investing in the cryptocurrency market

In the Blog above I describe 3 cryptocurrency scams that everyone needs to look out for.

Cryptocurrency scams are all over the internet and the level of sophistication is such that it is impossible to determine whether a particular investment is genuine or not.

If you see invitations to deposit $100 and get back $1,500 in 24 hours then you can be certain that this is a scam. Returns like this are simply impossible and frequently require you to send more money to the company in  order to “release” your profit.

Companies that offer 2% to 5% “guaranteed” daily return are similarly fake in our experience. If a company could actually deliver 2% compounded interest over a short period, then they would not   need your money as a $1000 investment making 2% per day quickly grows to in excess of $1m before 12 months is over whihc is as absurd as it is impossible.

The companies that we recommend are safe investment vehicles in our experience. Algowave does not require you to send them deposits. They use the money in your own crypto wallet to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using their own state of the art algorithms so it is a simple matter to monitor and control their performance. 

If you are unhappy with Algowave’s performance you simply transfer your funds into your alternative cryptocurrency wallet and Algowave will not be able to trade on your behalf. Algowave take a 5age cut of any profit they make for you. If they don’t make a profit, then you don’t pay.

Our other main investment vehicle is a business opportunity that needs to be explained. You can see a link to a webinar of the company or you can contact me directly and I’ll see if you are suitable to join.   

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Please use the link provided to contact Papaya should you need further information. 

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