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Important note about our Investment Plans

Its claimed that in order to become expert at anything you need to put in 10,000 hours of practise. Although this theory has been widely debunked, every professional FX trader, will have put twice as much time as this in staring at charts and understanding chart patterns. I have traded the Foreign Exchange markets since 2005 and  lost a considerable sum of money before I learnt my trade but I have more than recovered any losses but even if I hadn’t I ONLY EVER USED MONEY I COULD AFFORD TO LOSE!!.

Trading FX, crypto currency investment is a gamble. Any money you make at trading is tax free because, like gambling in a bookmakers, you do not pay tax on your winnnings.

The Investment Plans advise given on these pages should be treated and received as if you had been given a horse racing tip. Nothing in life is certain. I have personally made money investing in all three of these companies. I believe that Algowave will do what they promise – they will increase your BITCOIN balance if you give them access to the BTC in your wallet.

The network marketing opportunity is exceptional. The benefits of being a member of this organization are considerable. This company present a genuine opportunity to make a healthy second passive income or to even replace your current employment with the opportunity to become a full time marketeer.

Our third investment opportunity (Emarsys Finance) has to be considered high risk due to their similarity to other known scam investment plans.
This recommendation comes via contacts on LinkedIn who assure us that the company are legitimate and safe. 

Unfortunately, our last investment vehicle started out well but then simply disappeared as did the person who recommended the company to us. 

This is why we are not releasing details of links to this company until we have carried out further analysis. This analysis consists of 4 rounds of payment cycles which consists of deposit funds, monitor progress via the website dashboard then withdraw funds. If all these 3 processes present no issues and we have the support we need from the company either via telephone, email  then we shall make a decision as to whether we think they are worth investing in.

So far the progress of our Algowave investment is doing well and we are recommending this company. The progress of our investment in Algowave can be followed here or above through the drop down menu.

Of our 3 investment plans, our second investment opportunity is quite exceptional. In fact we believe it is unrivalled in its scope and potential. You will need to hear about this opportunity from Ralf K who will be more than happy to either converse or video link via WhatsApp in order to extol the virtues of this organization. If you have a spare 20 minutes, you can watch a webinar about the company here or above through the drop down menu.



The possibilities offered by HyperFund are limitless. Its no exaggeration to describe HyperFund as potentially the next Amazon, Facebook or Tesla of cryptocurrency.  

This is why investment in HyperFund should be considered NOW. Not in a week or a month or in 6 months. You need to be invested in the company today.

Go here for more information or click the image. 

cash FX

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to learn more about this opportunity or simply click on the above images

We are still evaluating our third investment opportunity. This may be a divergence from cryptocurrency but check back here for details regulalry.

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