cryptocurrency - a step by step guide?

Step by step instructions on how to open a coinbase account, a Hyper Fund Account and select a Hyper Fund investment plan

This is a cryptocurrency step by step guide. 

If you’re not sure on how to take advantage of  the exciting opportunities the world of cryptocurrency present then follow this cryptocurrency step by step guide.

Cryptocurrency step by step guide

How to open a Coinbase account

!! In order to join Hyper Fund you must have a gmail email address !!


If you do not have a Gmail email address then you will need to set one up as
you will not be able to register for Hyper Fund without a Gmail email address.

To register for hyper fund click the image below

Hyper Fund
Click on this image to create a Hyper Fund account

How to join Hyper Fund

Hyper Fund registration

If you haven’t yet registered you will need to do so, making sure that the Referral username is papaythai.
Your name can be any username you choose. 
Your password can be any password of your choice. 
Verification code you will get from your email address*
* remember – this HAS to be a Gmail address
Your transaction pin should be a 6 digit numerical number (make sure you make a note of this number)

Important note: Hyper Fund has been optimized to work with the Firefox web browser.

It is highly advisable to download and use this browser for registering and accessing Hyper Fund although it is not compulsory.

Purchasing your First rewards pack

Deposit address

 Select Account and then click the large My Deposit Address button on the Account page.

Deposit QR code
USDT_TRC20 address
ERC20 address
USDT_ERC20 address

A note on the tether network

There are 2 options funding your Hyper Fund account. You have to send Tether (USDT) and its is better to use USDT TRC20 which is slightly cheaper than USDT ERC20.  TRC20 uses the Tron network whilst ERC20 uses the Ethereum network.

Some brokers have both networks available but coinbase does not support TRC20 so you will have to use the USD_TRC20 wallet address.

Send Tether with Coinbase

coinbase send Tether

Log into your coinbase account and input the ERC20 address displayed – there will be a confirmation that you have done this correctly if “USDT address” is displayed. 

Make a note that this is a Hyper Fund purchase and enter the correct USDT amount to cover the purchase of your rewards pack. This has to be either 301 USDT, 501 USDT or 1000 USDT (make sure that you send exactly the correct amount – if charges are greater than 1 USDT then you will need to adjust the amount sent. 

Depending on how busy the network is, your deposit will hit your deposit wallet after a short while. 


Go to your Hyper Fund account

 Navigate to the Home screen and you will see an option to purchase a Hyperdrive Membership. 
Hyper Fund purchase membership

This will open an option to purchase a $300, a $500 or $1000 membership. 

Hyper Fund membership

Select your chosen membership.

Pick membership

If your deposit has been processed it will be shown in your deposit account.


Confirm purchase

You will need to enter your transaction password.

Transaction password

Once done a message will be displayed confirming your purchase.

Purchase confirmed

And when you view your purchased membership you will see that your $300 rewards pack is worth $900 and this will be released to you at .5% per day.

Purchasing your first membership

How to do a Hyper Fund rebuy

Hyper Fund rebuy

As your rewards are released back to you at .5% per day you will receive your passive rewards. Any members you introduce to Hyper Fund will purchase their own rewards pack. Whatever rewards pack they take out, you will receive a Hyper Drive reward depending on the value of the packages purchased.


Hyper Fund rewards

Your Passive and Hyper Drive rewards will accumulate in your rewards account on the Accounts tab. Once you have 50 HU in your account, you will be able to do a rebuy.

Purchase Hyper Drive membership

By selecting the large Purchase Hyperdrive Membership banner you will be taken to the purchase options screen.


Pick Hyper membership

If you have sufficient funds – you will be able to do a 50 HU rebuy so click the Rebuy option. I am showing 53.47 so I will be able to do a 50 HU rebuy.

Purchase rebuy

Hit submit.


And confirm your purchase.

confirm purchase

Enter your transaction password.

Purchased confirmed
Purchase packages
If you return to your home screen and see what your pending rewards are they should be as they were.
But do a refresh and…………..
New account balance

And your 50 HU rebuy has been added to your Pending Rewards at 3x cost and your rewards will increase by 150 HU and that is how you do a 50 HU rebuy or how you purchase any rewards pack.


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