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My name is Papaya Thai

One of my Thai friends from London is married to man who is a financial adviser. Her husband was for many years in partnership with his collegue Ralf offering advice on FX (Forex) trading and cryptocurrency advice in the N.W. of England.

When they moved to London, this left Ralf running his own FX training support company offering advice on cryptocurrency investment and FX trading and training.

Ralf has been advising me on how cryptocurrency works and what a once-in-a-lifetime cryptocurrency and blockchain investment presents to anyone and everyone looking for a genuine opportunity in the blockchain workspace. I stress genuine. There are many scams which need to be avoided.

Ralf has agreed to work for me in promoting Hyper Fund which is the core of my business.

I am personally invested in Hyper Fund and I want to share this opportunity with all my friends and with everyone who knows me because it has been such an amazing & successful opportunity

There are many crypocurrency scams and extreme caution must be exercised if you are considering investing in cryptocurrency but Hyper Fund is different to every other crypto opportunity available today on the internet.

Most “investment” opportunities rely on people sending larger and larger sums of money to gain a return. Hyper Fund is a one off membership program and people have built a 4 figure a day businesses from just one $300 subscription.

If you have little money and you cannot afford the price of a meal for 4 with 3 or 4 decent bottles of wine you are in the wrong place and you should leave as this opportunity is not for you.

If, however,  you are prepared to take a chance – a chance that could change your life and $300 is not a sum of money that you would worry about then you are in the right place.

Erik Finman
Erik Finman - The Worlds youngest BITCOIN millionaire

This is Erik Finman – 8 years ago when Erik was 14 his granny gave him $1000 for his college fund. He spent $800 on BITCOIN. In March of 2021 that $800 was worth $240 million!!!
Erik was brave and took a chance – will you?

If Hyper Fund was a golf club

Yes!! - this is true - Hyper Fund return your membership at 3x cost - follow the menu link to find out more

The men behind Hyper Tech

HyperFund Ryan Xu
HyperFund Sam Lee
HyperFund Jayden Wei

Links to the webinars

Access to the webinars should be automatic but if a password is requested use 5star or 1991


hyper Fund

Papaya Thai's principal cryptocurrency Opportunity is Hyper fund - Do NOT miss out on this outstanding chance to join this exciting group of companies

Hyper Fund is unique for many reasons. They are part of a soon to be stock market listed group of companies and rather than wanting your money – they want your support. They are looking for 30 million members before they launch what is certain to be the most highly anticipated cryptocurrency I.P.O. in history when they list the Hyper Tech I.P.O. at some time after they have their 30 million members.

Daily Webinars

Hyper Fund webinars

Want to join?

If you’d like to join Hyper Fund then send me a message on WhatsApp +447534588809 or use the Request More Information form below and I’ll send you an invitation link.

WhatsApp me on +44734588809 to discuss hyper fund

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As a Buddhist I am genuine

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