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Why you need to be invested in cryptocurrency

Why you should own some cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is the arguably most significant fiscal change to the world order in history or at least since the Bank of England was founded in 1694 to look after the gold of businessmen travelling the country or 1971  when President Nixon unpegged the US dollars backing for gold. 

Here is not the place for a discussion on traditional finance (TradFi), centralized finance (CeFi) and decentralized finance (DeFi) what is important is to understand and realize that cryptocurrency is the most significant event in our lives since the birth of the internet and that like it or not its here to stay and to ignore it is folly.

I’m Papaya Thai and I have teamed up with some specialist friends and colleagues with well-established financial backgrounds to bring you advice on how you can take advantage of the exciting world of cryptocurrency investment.

All my investment strategies have been researched and personally invested in.

All three offer exceptional opportunities.

However, be advised. I am not a financial advisor. I can only provide the information and research I used for my investments. Although I provide the due diligence on all 3 of my crypto investment opportunities – please make sure you do your own due diligence  

bank interest - a 100% safe investment

Bank Interest

The only 100% guaranteed safe investments that I am aware of, will pay you 1.25% per year on a 5 year plan or .5% per annum for instant access. Hyper Fund pays you .5% return per day. If you want 100% risk free investments you are in the wrong place. As Hyper Fund are part of a stock market listed organization, they are, as far as I am concerned the gold standard of crypto investment. I am not aware of ANY other crypto investment opportunity backed by an organization that has share holders in the public domain and has such solid credentials. You can read about those credentials here.

The men behind Hyper Fund

HyperFund Ryan Xu
HyperFund Sam Lee
HyperFund Jayden Wei

hyper Fund

Papaya Thai's first investment Opportunity is Hyper fund - Do NOT miss out on this outstanding opportunity

Hyper Fund is unique for many reasons. They are part of a stock market listed group of companies and rather than wanting your money – they want your support. They are looking for 30 million members before they launch what is certain to be the most highly anticipated I.P.O. in crypto history when they take the company to the Hang Seng at the end of 2022. 

This 35 minute webinar will tell you all you need to know

Click the register button below for free registration to join Hyper Fund. To read more about this once in a life time opportunity go here.




Papaya Thai's second investment opportunity is Rostex Global

Rostex Global are an Edinburgh based company with multiple investment plans to suit your investment level. You can earn between 0.8% to 3.30% on your investment. Full details of the opportunities presented by Rostex Global are here or select from the menu. 

Watch a video about Qubit.Life


Papaya Thai's third investment opportunity is Qubit.Life

Qubit.Life offer opportunities not presented by Hyper Fund or Rostex Global. Qubit.Life offer investment plans plus a range of diverse cashback and corporate programs such as car loans and mortgages. For more information – follow the links.

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