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Hyper Fund is here!!

If Hyper Fund was a golf club

If you join Hyper Fund by purchasing a $300 rewards pack then Hyper Fund will give you 900 HU (HU is the back office currency that all members of Hyper Fund earn and 1 HU is rquivalent to $1).

If you purchase a $500 rewards pack, they will give you 1500 HU and if you purchase a $1000 rewards pack they wil give you 3000 HU.

The rewards are paid back to you over a 21 month period at .5% per day so if you have a $300 membership you will receive 1.5 HU every day. If you have a $500 membership you will be rewarded with 2.5 HU every day and if you have a$1000 membership you will be rewarded with 5 HU every day (there is  no limit to the number of membership plans you can take out).

Once you have 50 HU rewards you can either exchange it for Hyper Tech’s own cryptocurrency the MOF – Molecular Future and have it sent to your personal cryptocurrency wallet where it can be exchanged for any other crytocurrency or if you have a Hyper Pay bank account and a Hyper Pay debit card you can spend it as it is and withdraw fiat cash from your account at any A.T.M. or alternatively you can do a 50 HU rebuy.

A 50 HU costs 50 HU but 3x that amount is credited to your account so every 50 HU rebuy is worth 150 HU.

The men behind Hyper Tech

HyperFund Ryan Xu
HyperFund Sam Lee
HyperFund Jayden Wei

Links to the webinars

Access to the webinars should be automatic but if a password is requested use 5star or 1991


hyper Fund

Papaya Thai's principal cryptocurrency Opportunity is Hyper fund - Do NOT miss out on this outstanding chance to join this exciting group of companies

Hyper Fund is unique for many reasons. They are part of a soon to be stock market listed group of companies and rather than wanting your money – they want your support. They are looking for 30 million members before they launch what is certain to be the most highly anticipated cryptocurrency I.P.O. in history when they list the Hyper Tech I.P.O. at some time after they have their 30 million members.

Daily Webinars

Hyper Fund webinars

Want to join?

If you’d like to join Hyper Fund then send me a message on WhatsApp 07534588809 or use the Request More Information form below and I’ll send you an invitation link.

WhatsApp me on +44 0734588809 to discuss hyper fund

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